Avatel Eco Lodge

First ECO hotel in Halkidiki
Hotel concept:
Maximum comfort, harmony of the soul and body with the surrounding space.
Nature is the source of inspiration. Everything that is created by nature is astonishing, natural and in perfect harmony. The world around us is beautiful and full of sounds, colors, smells. It is only necessary to move away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, city noise, vanity, escape from the stone jungle and take a closer look to the beauty that nature has created for us and that people did not spoil yet.
About us:
Our hotel is very unique from idea to complex of services. We traveled a lot, collected, observed, took into account the experience of others and added a little of our imagination, and most importantly we found a wonderful place, even for Greece where you can find everything!
Connoisseurs of eco-culture, supporters of a positive attitude to life, admirers of healthy food and lifestyle, fans of clean air and real Mediterranean cuisine will certainly appreciate our efforts and love us.
Urban residents, rarely going out into the countryside and bored over it, those who are disgusted by noisy offices with their strict interiors, we are waiting for you!
Individual approach to the wishes of each client. The attentive staff is at your service 24 hours a day.
New modern AVATEL ECO LODGE is always glad to meet you!
We open round the year!